Water-cooled Light & Weather Fastness Tester

  • Weathering tester can simulate the hazards caused by sunlight, rain, and dew and test products in the light、rain、condensation、temperature、humidity, and wind climate environment of storage, transportation, and use of the performance test.
  • Water-cooled light and weather fastness tester is suitable for measuring quality inspection, automotive materials, coatings, rubber, pigments, adhesives, fabrics and other scientific research institutes, technical supervision departments and other quality testing of rubber printed products.
  • Water-cooled light fastness and weather fastness tester has reasonable structure design, excellent manufacturing process, beautiful interior and exterior, and long service life. It adopts an imported sealing material structure and has good sealing performance. Convenient operation, stable operation.
  • ChiuVention selects the details, meticulous workmanship and quality. Sufficient stock and faster delivery. You can bring it back to your lab for about $47667-71500.