Temperature & Humidity Chamber

Welcome to our series of intelligent temperature and humidity test chambers! We provide you with tailor-made test equipment designed to meet your temperature and humidity testing needs. As a leading manufacturer, we promise to provide you with state-of-the-art technology and excellent after-sales service to ensure that your test tasks run smoothly and achieve excellent results.

Your Reliable temperature humidity test chamber Manufacturer

The temperature and humidity environment chamber can simulate different environmental conditions such as high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, and low humidity, and is suitable for testing needs in many fields.
As a manufacturer of environmental test chambers, we have strong manufacturing strength and sufficient inventory. If you choose ChiuVention's environmental test chambers, we will provide accurate and reliable environmental simulation solutions and perfect after-sales service.

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Temperature & Humidity Chambers Manufacturers

Get Your Custom temperature humidity chambers

ChiuVention focus on developing and manufacturing environmental testing equipment has been precipitated for 18 years. In order to better provide accurate and reliable environmental simulation solutions to many industries, we continue to expand the professional field to provide better quality products. The following are your customized options.

CUSTOM COLOR FOR temperature and humidity chambers


We have various sizes of environmental test chambers for you to choose from according to your needs. Of course, you can also customize the size according to your needs. ChiuVention is committed to providing you with comprehensive and complete environmental testing solutions.

custom size for temperature and humidity controlled chambers


Normally, the standard test conditions of our environmental test chambers are sufficient to meet your testing needs. The humidity and temperature ranges can also be customized according to your needs.

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Application scope of The environmental test chamber

The environmental test chamber is a simulation in a variety of temperatures and humidity, and other environmental conditions to test the performance of the instrument's items. It is widely used in many fields and can meet many areas' inspection and testing needs. The following are applications of environmental test chambers in some fields.

The unique features of our environmental test chambers Advantages

Wide Range Of Applications

Our test chamber can simulate high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, and low humidity. It is suitable for electronic products, materials research, medicine, automotive, food, and other fields and industries' testing needs.


Stable Machine Operation

We use a quality assurance refrigeration system, refrigeration auxiliary components, humidifiers, and insulation materials. Adopted internationally famous brand pressure controller, oil separator, Japan imported solenoid valve, France Taikang compressor, etc.

Precise Control

The environmental test chamber is equipped with a high-precision temperature and humidity sensor and control system, resulting in excellent performance in temperature and humidity control accuracy and uniformity. This helps the operator to obtain more accurate and reliable test results.

Touchscreen LCD screen

Convenient Operation, Intuitive And Practical Screen

Our programmable temperature & humidity chamber adopts a responsive touch screen. You can manually set the test temperature, humidity, time, etc. And the screen can directly display the actual value (PV) and temperature and humidity set value (SV). As well as the set test time and the real test time. A separate program editing screen can be realized.

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Environmental testing equipment production and manufacturing process

  • Design And Planning: Environmental test chamber manufacturers determine the function, parameters, size, and appearance of the equipment. Environmental test chamber suppliers consider materials, sensors, and data processing methods.
  • Component Sourcing: After design and planning are complete, the manufacturer procures the required components from suppliers. Manufacturers work with suppliers to ensure component quality and delivery times.
  • Assembly Of Components: The manufacturer will assemble components after purchasing them. The process of assembling parts requires careful and precise operation to ensure the functionality and performance of the equipment.
  • Software Development And Integration: Through programming, algorithm design, and user interface development, making the screen intuitive and practical, easy to operate, big data accurate, and fast processing and analysis of the collected test results.
  • Debugging And Testing: Test the performance of the entire device, and if problems are found, the manufacturer will repair or adjust and optimize. Until the equipment meets the specifications and requirements.


  • Quality Control And Certification: In all stages of the manufacturing process, check and verify the functionality, performance, and reliability of the equipment to ensure that it meets the relevant quality standards and regulatory requirements, the manufacturer gatekeeper quality control and certification.
  • Mass Production And Packaging: After the equipment passes all tests and certifications, the manufacturer starts mass production of the instruments according to customer requirements.

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Why Choose Us

A Wealth Of Experience

ChiuVention has been specializing in developing environmental test equipment for 18 years. We produce, design, and manufacture test chambers that simulate extreme environments. We have a team of experienced technicians and engineers. They have the ability to develop and innovate to deliver high-quality and reliable products.

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Unique Customization Capabilities

ChiuVention, as a supplier of environmental test chambers, can design and manufacture environmental test chambers to provide individual solutions according to the needs of our customers.

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