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Welcome to our Aging Test Chamber category page. Explore our diverse range of aging test chambers for reliable durability validation of your products. Our advanced solutions are designed to withstand various environmental stresses. So it can ensure your manufacturing meets the highest quality standards. Choose our products to experience exceptional quality control. It will infuse reliability and innovation into your factory operations.

ChiuVention Aging Test Chamber Manufacturer

ChiuVention specializes in manufacturing aging test chambers. Our mission is to provide our customers with high-quality and innovative products.

Our aging test chambers not only accurately replicate product aging under actual use scenarios but also feature outstanding temperature, humidity, and pressure control capabilities to serve various testing requirements.

ChiuVention not only maintains strict control over product quality but also provides excellent customer service. Our team comprises an experienced group of experts. Therefore, we can provide customers with customized solutions to ensure that they meet the requirements of diverse industries and applications.

If you are seeking a trustworthy manufacturer of aging test chambers, ChiuVention is a good option worth exploring. We will always help our customers achieve success in product development and quality control.

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Salt Spray Tester and UV Aging Test Chamber manufacturer

What Aging Test Chamber We provide?

In the sun’s exposure, acid rain wash, placed in the outdoor products are easily damaged. Some appearances change color, no longer beautiful. Some will even damage the core components of products, resulting in the machine can not be used. So if we want to set the service life of our products at ten years. Then we can’t wait until it has been placed for ten years to see the results for mass production. We need to use aging test chamber to shorten product development time. We currently provide three types of aging test chambers.

At the same time, we provide Xenon Arc Test Chamber with two different refrigeration methods. Click here to know more about the difference between them.

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Application scope of Aging Test Chamber

The accelerated aging test chamber adopts the climate and other factors to simulate the aging of materials and products for a long time. These include temperature, humidity, wind speed, radiation, etc.

The Unique Advantages of Our Aging Test Chambers

Multi-purpose Machine, Wide Application

Many industries, such as coatings, inks, paints, and cosmetics, can use this. In addition, metals, electronics, and pharmaceuticals can also use it.

Friendly Operation Interface, Easy and Convenient Operation with color touchscreen

Friendly Operation Interface, Easy and Convenient Operation

Equipped with color touch screen, which can minimize the failure of film panel. You can connect it to an external computer to copy data since it is equipped with USB and other interfaces.

Safe and Reliable

The equipment has protection systems for water shortage, overheating, short-circuits, and overloads. These systems are in the electric control panel and cabinet. When the alarm is triggered, the power to the equipment is automatically shut off, stopping it from running. Sound alerts ensure safety for both the equipment and personnel.

Realistic Simulation of Climate Environment Damage to Various Materials

Realistic Simulation of Climate Environment Damage to Various Materials

Only a few days or weeks to reproduce the outdoor months or years before the damage occurs. This includes fading, discoloration, loss of brightness, chalking, cracking, blurring, embrittlement, oxidation and loss of strength.

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FAQ About Aging Test Chamber

The Difference Between UV Test Chamber and Xenon Lamp Test Chamber

The Structure of the Equipment
  1. Turntable:
    UV aging test chamber does not have, the sample is fixed, xenon lamp test chamber using 360 ° rotation.
  2. Refrigeration:
    UV aging test chamber does not have, xenon lamp aging test chamber has a refrigeration unit, can control the temperature and humidity.
Spectrum Simulation

The simulation of the spectrum is not the same:

  1. Xenon lamp:
    Full spectrum, close to the natural sunlight test, the maximum anastomosis to simulate the natural world full sunlight spectrum.
  2. Ultraviolet:
    313 nm or 340 nm wavelength band, visible light and infrared section is very little, can assortment of real simulation of the sun's short wavelength part of the spectrum.
The Aging Test Speed
  • Ultraviolet aging test chamber: fast
    Xenon lamp aging test box: slow

Selection must look at the aging mechanism of the material, if it is required to do the formulation of the material test (i.e., the product has not been finalized), to speed up the test process, and know that the product or the material in the ultraviolet short wavelengths when the aging effect is greater, then select the ultraviolet aging test chamber, otherwise, select the xenon lamp weathering aging test chamber.

  1. Temperature:
    UV weathering test chamber temperature range is not adjustable; xenon lamp weathering test chamber temperature adjustable;
  2. Humidity:
    UV weathering test chamber humidity is not adjustable; xenon lamp weathering test chamber humidity adjustable;

The Difference Between UV Aging Test Chamber and Salt Spray Machine

Different Testing Methods

UV aging tester by simulating natural light exposure, temperature, humidity and other environmental factors for material durability and change law test.

And salt spray machine is through the generation of high concentration of salt water fog, simulating the marine environment, the material for humidity, acidity and alkalinity, etc. test.

Different Test Object

UV aging tester is mainly applicable to the testing of materials such as plastics, rubber, coatings, paints, textiles, leather, metals, electronic devices and automobile interiors, etc.

The salt spray machine mainly applies to the corrosion-resistant ability of coatings such as metal surface painting, surface treatment, electroplating, etc., the moisture-resistant ability of electronic components, the corrosion-resistant ability of the automobile engine, etc., and other materials testing.

Different Test Results

The UV aging tester mainly tests the color stability and durability of materials; while the salt spray machine mainly tests the corrosion resistance of materials.

Why Choose Our Aging Test Chamber?

Customized Service:

As an aging test chamber manufacturer, we can provide UV aging test chamber, air-cooled xenon lamp test chamber, water-cooled xenon lamp test chamber and salt spray test chamber. If you have special requirements, such as required specifications, capacity size, etc., we can manufacture test chambers according to your requirements.

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Good Quality At Good Price:

We set design, production, manufacturing and sales in one, eliminating intermediate links, providing the factory price, so that the user one-stop access to quality products at a good price.

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