HAST Chamber

Hast chamber is one of the commonly used aging test equipment. It is usually used in the design phase of a product to expose defects and weak links in the product quickly. The HAST test is a highly accelerated aging test method. It aims to speed up the product aging process by elevating environmental stress. It includes increasing temperature, humidity and pressure, quickly revealing potential defects. It is widely used in the reliability testing domain. You can see it, particularly in the fields of electronic components and industrial products.

ChiuVention Hast Chamber Manufacturer

As a professional hast chamber manufacturer, ChiuVention provides hast chambers of various sizes. So if you have special requirements for hast chamber. You can contact us directly. Our professionals are here to help.

Our standard chamber is suitable for HAST testing requirements in the mass production chip verification test phase. It fulfills both UHAST and BHAST experiments.

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get your Best custom Hast Chamber

We are a professional Haast chamber manufacturer with eighteen years of R&D experience. ChiuVention is committed to providing high-quality environmental testing equipment. At the same time, to meet the special needs of different industries, we also offer customized services. For HAST Chambers, personalized requirements for size and color are becoming more and more common.

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Size Customization Service

We provide dimensional customization of the exterior and the test area. So that you can purchase a test chamber with reliable test results, even if space is limited. Or you can get the chamber dimensions that perfectly match your product.

You can choose the color of your device housing to ensure it matches your company’s branding.

Color Customization Service

ChiuVention chamber has excellent technical performance. Besides, we also provide appearance color customization services. You can choose the color of your device housing to ensure it matches your company's branding.

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Our Hast Chamber Core Configurations

Dual-Liner Design

The double inner tank design solves the problem of condensation water condensation. It ensures that condensation and moisture build-up do not occur during testing, improving test accuracy. The equipment meets UHAST and BHAST testing requirements.

Water-Electric Separation Design

The product incorporates a water-electric separation system, enhancing equipment safety. This design can prevent water and electricity from coming into contact. So, it reduces potential safety risks. Especially in tests under high temperature and high humidity conditions.

Customizable Sample Rack

We can customize sample racks according to customer requirements. This allows the device to accommodate different types and sizes of samples. So, it makes the hast chamber more practical and convenient.

Remote Monitoring and Control

It can be connected to a local area network or directly to a computer, enabling remote monitoring and control of equipment operation. This offers greater flexibility for users to manage the testing process seamlessly.

Data Recording and Storage

The equipment features a USB interface for directly copying records. It includes historical curves and data for later viewing, analysis, and archiving. Additionally, optional RS-232 or RS-485 communication interfaces allow bidirectional control and data storage on computer hard drives.

High-Precision Control System

The Hast Chamber's controller utilizes fuzzy algorithms and the latest technology to achieve high-precision temperature and humidity control. Equipped with a 7" TFT true-color LCD touchscreen, it provides a larger display area for easier operation. 

Why Choose Us

Professional Experience and Excellent Reputation

ChiuVention has focused on the R&D of environmental testing equipment for 18 years. We have a complete quality management system. So that we can ensure that the equipment delivered to customers is highly accurate. We export our products to 42 countries. Our clients include international third-party testing agencies, internationally renowned clothing brands, etc. ChiuVention's product has been endorsed by numerous renowned global enterprises and institutions.

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Advanced Technology And Innovation:

Our hast chambers stand at the forefront of the industry regarding technology and innovation. They feature advanced automation control systems, efficient energy management, and multiple safety protection devices. At the same time, our R&D team is constantly learning. This will ensure we can provide accurate environmental simulation solutions to more industries.

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Sustainability and Environmental Friendliness

As environmental issues become increasingly prominent, we pay more attention to sustainability and environmental protection. Products will also give priority to using better materials during the manufacturing process. To ensure that the product can run for a long time.

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Additional Information About Hast Chambers