Temperature Chamber

Introducing our Electric Industrial Laboratory Oven. It is designed for diverse applications. These include electronic component aging tests and high-temperature stress relief. The internal size is W800H800D800MM and the temperature range is RT+10~350℃. The precision is assured with ±0.5℃ control accuracy. It features high-density glass rock wool insulation. It has PID microcomputer temperature control and energy-saving technology. Besides, it has super high-temperature protection and motor overload protection. This ensures a long service life and safety. Standard accessories include a timer and two trays. Get a quote now for your industrial oven needs!

ChiuVention Temperature Chamber Manufacturer

ChiuVention specializes in the production of laboratory ovens. We insist on providing a reliable and easy-to-use environment for our customers.

Our temperature chambers are great for heating, drying, and curing samples in the lab. We have excellent temperature control to meet all testing needs.

ChiuVention produces and manufactures environmental test chambers with a lean manufacturing philosophy. Our team consists of experienced specialists and engineers. We can provide customized solutions to meet the needs of different industries and applications.

If you are looking for a trustworthy laboratory oven manufacturer, ChiuVention is your reliable choice. We will help our customers succeed in product development design and quality control.

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ChiuVention Temperature Chamber Manufacturer

What Temperature Chamber We Provide?

A laboratory oven is a common piece of equipment used in labs. Its main purpose is to control the temperature inside so that samples can be baked, dried, or treated. We currently offer the following two types of ovens.

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Application Scope Of Temperature Chamber

Temperature chambers are widely used in a variety of industries such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical and material manufacturing applications. These industries typically require different chemical and physical combinations for the processes of roasting, curing, annealing and drying of materials.

The Unique Advantages Of Our Temperature Chambers

the temperature chamber Selected materials, durable

Selected Materials, Durable:

The shell material is stainless steel, the surface is treated with high-temperature baking paint, which is sturdy and durable. The interior is made of stainless steel plate, which has excellent corrosion resistance and ensures the internal environment is hygienic and stable.

Precise Temperature Control, Uniform Temperature Distribution:

Through the precise temperature control system, the drying oven can maintain a stable temperature to meet various application requirements. It realizes forced horizontal air circulation to ensure uniform temperature distribution inside the chamber.

Safe, Reliable and Easy to Clean:

It has multiple protection functions such as overheat protection, and these systems ensure operation safety and product quality. The internal corrosion-resistant materials are made of low-pollution materials, and the inner cavity is clean and smooth, easy to clean without leaving residue.

Wide Range of Applications:

The drying oven is used for material drying, heating treatment, testing and baking processes, which can be applied in many industrial fields such as medicine, food, chemical industry, electronics and so on.

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FAQ About Temperature Chambers

The Difference Between Laboratory Oven and Electric Industrial Laboratory Oven

The Use of Different Scenes

Laboratory drying oven is mainly used for drying, heating test, storage and other work under constant temperature conditions. Laboratory drying oven is usually composed of heating parts, temperature sensors and fans, etc. Ventilation fan can make the air flow to make the water vapor inside the sample evaporate faster and accelerate the drying process.

Industrial ovens, on the other hand, are more suitable for baking and roasting scenarios. Industrial ovens usually have heating tubes or heating coils, turntables and fans and other components, because industrial ovens are mainly baked food or baked products, need to complete the baking process of food at high temperatures.

The Working Principle is Different

Laboratory drying oven and industrial ovens work on different principles.

  • Laboratory drying oven using fans and heating elements to push the hot air evenly to the work area, so that the sample can be quickly dried at a constant temperature, in order to achieve the purpose of treatment and protection of samples.
  • Industrial ovens, on the other hand, use heating elements to enable rapid evaporation of moisture emanating from the surface of foodstuffs for the purpose of baking and roasting them. At the same time, industrial ovens are generally equipped with temperature sensors and thermostatic controller, you can simply different baking needs to set the temperature.
The Temperature Range is Different

As the laboratory drying oven according to the experimental need for constant temperature conditions for work, so the laboratory drying oven can usually run at a lower temperature, the temperature range is generally between 60 ℃ and 250 ℃.

On the contrary, industrial ovens require higher temperatures to complete the baking and roasting process, the temperature range of industrial ovens can usually reach more than 300 ℃.

Different Functional Characteristics

Laboratory drying oven in addition to drying, but also has a constant temperature, insulation and other functions, a wide range of applications.

Industrial ovens are mainly used for roasting, baking, constant temperature, etc., suitable for food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other fields.

Applicable to Different Occasions

Based on the above differences, laboratory drying oven is suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical and other fields, can be used for sample drying, determination, drying, thermal stability determination and other experiments.

The industrial oven is more suitable for the food industry.

Why Choose Our Temperature Chamber?

Tested and Reliable, Sturdy and Durable:

Carefully selected high-quality materials and a lean manufacturing process provide greater reliability and durability. This means you can use the unit for a longer period of time without frequent repairs and replacements.

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Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly:

With higher energy efficiency and environmental performance. This means you can save energy and reduce your impact on the environment while lowering long-term operating costs.

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