Laboratory Oven

  • Electric blast drying box for a variety of products, test products for baking, drying, curing, heat treatment and other convenient heating
  • Constant temperature drying oven is suitable for various industry fields, widely used in various industries, such as electronic components, industry, medical and health care, plastic machinery, food, colleges and universities and scientific research part of the production workshop or laboratory, such as the baking of the goods or high temperature test of the goods.
  • Electrically heated thermostatic incubator from inside to outside quality as one, the shell is smooth and beautiful, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Stainless steel liner grinding and polishing treatment, anti-aging, anti-rust.
  • Precision laboratory oven energy saving and heat preservation, long service life, source manufacturers direct supply, eliminating intermediate links, good quality and cheaper price. You can have this instrument at a price of about $1733-8667.