How to Choose the Right Environmental Test Chamber to Verify the Car Spare Parts?

Automobiles are subjected to harsh external environments and climatic influences during use. These can lead to performance decay, and failure and affect the service life of the car. The quality of automotive components directly determines the quality of the entire vehicle. In the new product development stage or automobile production, to ensure product quality. If the material and process changes should be carried out component quality test. Automotive vehicle reliability tests can also assess the quality of components. But for most parts of the assessment is not necessarily enough, and costly, long cycle. This must be done separately for some parts of the bench test. Automotive components of the environmental test from the car’s R & D stage. Continuing to the product finalization, production, and quality improvement after mass production. This is an important basic work.

With the development of science and technology. The test equipment has developed into the intelligent, virtual, networked, and miniaturized stage. With high precision and high efficiency, it will continue to develop along this trend. For a variety of environmental conditions, combined with in-use testing equipment. It will describe the selection of environmental test methods and equipment for components.

Light Resistance and Ageing Test

Test Chamber for xenon arc testing and uv aging testing

The light and aging resistance test is a fast and effective simulated environmental test. It can partially replace the long natural environment exposure test. It evaluates the aging resistance of materials more quickly than natural environment tests. To speed up the aging of samples. It uses artificial light source test equipment to simulate sunlight.

For example, a xenon lamp aging test chamber simulates sunlight inside the chamber. Carry out light resistance and weathering tests for automotive interior and exterior materials. Irradiance control and closed-loop automatic point control can be achieved. It can test the light stability, color fastness, and light resistance of the material. Compare the damage caused by full-spectrum and rain at the same time. And according to the product design standard assessment.

UV aging adopts fluorescent UV lamps as a light source. Accelerated weathering test for automotive interior and exterior materials by simulating environmental conditions.

For example, UV, rain, high temperature, high humidity, condensation, and darkness. Use ozone aging test chamber to study the law of ozone action on rubber. By simulating and intensifying atmospheric ozone conditions. It can quickly identify and test the performance of rubber against ozone aging.

Cold and thermal shock and temperature and humidity test

A thermal shock test chamber can do product performance and reliability tests. It is suitable for automotive non-metallic materials, internal and external decorative, and electrical electronics. It has a large range of temperature control. In the application of equipment, the temperature and humidity can be controlled range. And meet the “electrical and electronic products of the basic environmental test procedures”. Can carry out environmental testing of electronic products or materials. For example, high temperature, low temperature, and hot and humid test.

High-temperature and constant-temperature test chamber is a kind of climate simulation box. It can be the product of a high-temperature heat aging test. For example, plastics, rubber and other non-metallic materials, body accessories, electrical and electronic. Through the test to detect the high-temperature resistance of automotive parts. Such as the heat aging performance of rubber and plastic parts on the car. The heat resistance of body accessories and electronic products. Test automotive interior 、exterior materials and electrical parts in high-constant temperature performance. These are an important part of the quality control of automotive parts.

Sealing Performance Test

For lamps and wiring harnesses and other shell waterproof performance tests. Choose the box-type rain test chamber to simulate the rain environment. He can test the waterproof performance of products. For example, automobile lamps, wiper waterproof strips, and low-voltage electrical shells.

Flame Retardant Test

Automobile flame retardant test mainly adopts horizontal combustion test. It is mainly for automobile seat fabrics and interior plastic parts. Choose the internal and external decoration combustion testing machine. To test the flame retardancy of the material. Directly burn the test material in the prescribed fire source.

Sand and Dust Test

To measure the dust resistance of parts. By simulating the natural wind and sand climate. To test the damaging effect on automotive electrical parts. Select the appropriate sand and dust test chamber. We refer to the box size, temperature, humidity, concentration, and differential pressure.

Salt Spray (Cyclic) Corrosion Test

test chamber for salt spray corrosion test

Passes neutral salt spray test. Copper accelerated acetic acid salt spray test and cyclic corrosion test. The corrosion resistance of metallic and non-metallic materials for automobiles can be tested. Neutral salt spray test. It is the anti-corrosion performance of the protective layer of steel. Accelerated evaluation of corrosion test method. It is now used as a test method for evaluating the corrosion resistance of automobile parts.

Since it is not possible to simulate the natural environment of the atmosphere. For example, dry conditions and alternating wet and dry conditions. It is not possible to simulate corrosion in the natural outdoor environment. The failure state of automotive parts in use differs from the results of the neutral salt spray test. Copper accelerated acetic acid salt spray test. It is used to test “copper + nickel + chromium”. Decorative plating layer accelerated corrosion test method.

Cyclic corrosion test. It is closer to the corrosion condition under natural outdoor conditions. Evaluation is more accurate. Corrosive media, sprays, heat and humidity cycles, and drying cycles all have an effect on the test. Through different combinations and cycles. Simulate different corrosion processes of automotive parts in the atmospheric environment. Scribing and stoning are required for coated automotive parts before testing.

The advantage of choosing a salt spray (cyclic) corrosion tester. It has the ability to use repeated cycling cycles. Samples are exposed to a range of different salt spray corrosion conditions. Detect the corrosion resistance of automotive metal materials. Many of the world’s advanced automobile manufacturing companies use this way. It is a good way to test the corrosion resistance of automotive parts.

Brittleness test and material discoloration grade test

A rubber low-temperature brittleness tester is selected. Tests rubber, non-rigid plastic, and other elastic materials. In the low-temperature conditions of the use of performance. It determines the largest temperature of a chemical rubber under specified conditions. Such as the largest temperature at which damage occurs to a specimen after impact. A standard light box is used to test the color change level of the material.

Voltage drop test

We select the voltage drop tester for testing. For example, the voltage drop at the connector of the plug and the lead wire of the connecting plug. It is possible to judge. The superiority of the connector and under the standard regulations. Bending test under the broken wire situation. For example, an LX-8830 B-type voltage drop digital tester is used. It measures the voltage drop at similar junctions. For example, non-reconnectable plugs, pins, and connector leads.

Gas corrosion test

The gas corrosion test of automobile parts is divided into two categories. One is the high concentration of sulfur monoxide test. The test objects are generally various types of steel alloys. Inorganic coverings paint coatings and other strong corrosion-resistant products. Another category is a low concentration of single, many gas corrosion tests. Mainly to detect the presence of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere. Hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen dioxide chlorine, and other toxic corrosive gases. Corrosion of components. It tests all kinds of automotive electronic products, USB plugs, and connectors, etc.

Other Tests

Environmental-type testing of automotive components includes the following additional tests.

Rockwell hardness test for materials:

Such as carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, and engineering plastics.

Brinell hardness test:

Plastics, soft rubber synthetic rubber, and other non-metallic materials and parts products.

Hardness measurement:

Automobile brake pipe, steering pipe fuel pipe, and other automobile parts.

Hydraulic pulse test:

Voltage interference, static electricity, group pulse, and voltage drop test.
Insulation performance test, etc.


The automobile is a complex industrial product consisting of thousands of components. The automobile is an industry related to human life and property. With the continuous progress of automotive technology and the upgrade of user experience. Carrying more demanded functions, variable use environment. All these directly test the safety and operational reliability of the whole vehicle. Reliability testing of automobiles ensures the safety of human life and property. It pushes the automotive industry into a new, intensive, internally operable multifunctional system.

With the rapid development of the automotive industry. And the continuous improvement and progress of technology. The future test development trend is the diversification of environmental testing methods. The combination of actual use environmental testing and laboratory simulation environmental testing. From a global perspective, the test environment conditions are complex and diverse. And the simulation of environmental testing to cover a wider range. Virtual environment simulation test has a broad application prospect. So the virtual environment simulation test will be the key development direction.

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