Meet ChiuVention’s Environmental Test Chamber at ITMA 2023

The world-renowned ITMA is to be held from June 8-14, 2023, at the Milan Exhibition and Convention Center, Italy. It was born in 1951 and is the only brand that encompasses the entire textile production chain. And creating a unique one-stop platform for innovative textile and apparel technologies for exhibitors and buyers.

The introduction of the ITMA Exhibition

ITMA – the Olympics of the textile and apparel industry, is the world’s larger international exhibition of textile and garment machinery technology, organized by CEMATEX (European Committee of Textile Machinery Manufacturers). As a world-class textile and garment machinery exhibition, ITMA brings together manufacturers and buyers worldwide. They aim to seek new solutions for sustainable development and to create win-win opportunities for cooperation.

ITMA 2023 Textile & Garment Technology Exhibition

The highlights of ITMA

ITMA is an authoritative industry exhibition held every four years. It provides exhibitors and buyers with top-notch one-stop solutions for innovative textile and apparel technologies.

At ITMA, world-renowned companies and industry leaders gather to exchange and share ideas. These help exhibitors gather key business information and create win-win cooperation opportunities.

Besides, the site will showcase the latest smart manufacturing achievements of textile and garment machinery. And it also demonstrates the operation of machinery along the entire manufacturing value chain.

The scale of ITMA exhibition

A total of 1,444 exhibitors from 42 countries have booked 114,230 square meters of exhibition space. The size of the show covers 12 halls and includes all 20 chapters of the product index, from spinning, finishing, software, logistics, fibers, yarns and fabrics. Finishing and spinning are the two sections with the largest exhibition space.

Meet with ChiuVention at ITMA 2023

This summer, June 8-14, 2023, E301, Hall 4, Fiera Milano, Italy, ChiuVention is looking forward to meeting you. We will showcase the latest R&D achievements of environmental test chambers (Atmo Explorer Temperature & Humidity Chamber)at ITMA 2023 and open the recruitment of global agents for the first time.

the display of the ChiuVention Climate Test Chamber in ITMA 2023

What is the AtmoExplorer Temperature & Humidity Chamber used for ?

AtmoExplorer Temperature & Humidity Chamber is a kind of instrumentation used to simulate and test the performance of articles under different environmental conditions. The testing chamber is applicable for quality testing of products, such as electronics, electrical appliances, mobile phones, communication devices, instruments, vehicles, plastic products, metals, food, chemicals, construction materials, medical equipment, and aerospace products.

The features of AtmoExplorer Temperature & Humidity Chamber

  • Wide range of applications
    The AtmoExplorer Temperature & Humidity Chamber can simulate high(low)temperature, high(low)humidity, and is suitable for testing requirements in various fields and industries such as materials research,pharmaceutical industry,military equipment,automotive industry,aerospace,food industry.
  • Excellent both on control precision and uniformity of temperature and humidity
    The temperature and humidity control precision: ±0.5℃; ±3%RH, Temperature and humidity uniformity: ±2℃; ±3.0%RH
  • Achieve heating and cooling quickly
    When unloaded,the AtmoExplorer Temperature & Humidity Chamber is able to achieve temperature rise to 100℃ in 30 minutes, it can achieve cooling down to -20℃ in 60 minutes.
  • The screen is intuitive and practical, easy to operate
    7″ large touch screen with Chinese and English display, direct display of temperature and humidity set value (SV) and actual value (PV), display of current program number, segment number, remaining time and number of laps, etc. Individual program editing screen can be realized.
  • Stable operation from high quality insulation material and humidifier, high quality refrigeration system and refrigeration auxiliary parts
    The heater uses spring-type nickel-chromium electric heating wire, and the humidifier is a UL-shaped humidifier with stainless steel electric steam generation method.Adopt the famous brand France Taikang full closed type high efficiency compressor, Japan imported solenoid valve, and international famous brand pressure controller, oil separator, etc.
  • A variety of safety protection devices
    Air burning prevention switch, compressor high pressure protection, compressor overheating protection, compressor overcurrent protection, no fuse switch protection, short time water shortage alarm, long time water shortage shutdown protection, etc.
Temperature & Humidity Chambers

The concluding remarks

In the fourth industrial revolution, advances in business and technology have provided immersive and personalized solutions. And it deeply meets the needs of end users. Change has never been more crucial in the textile and apparel industry. And the theme of ITMA 2023, “Transforming the Textile World”, highlights this need. At ITMA 2023, the focus will be on high-end materials, automation of the digital future, innovative technologies and sustainability and recyclability. ChiuVention has the same corporate positioning and direction.

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