Along with all kinds of new textile and apparel consumer demand. The industry’s new economy make the textile industry speed up the upgrade. The market needs to put forward targeted solutions. New technology, equipment, and solutions must present to the market. And get feedback from the market. The long-standing backlog of trade demands is also in urgent need of release.

China’s textile machinery industry is entering a new growth cycle. ITMA ASIA + CITME 2022 gives full play to the gathering and radiation effect of the platform. It broadens and extends the scope of industry chain services. That makes every effort to build an industry chain business exchange platform.

ITMA ASIA + CITME 2022 will meet the industry expectations this year. There are 103,500 square meters of exhibition space. It gathers more than 1,200 high-quality textile machinery manufacturers. Besides, it brings a 5-day industry event for the industry.

ITMA ASIA Exhibition Introduction

ITMA ASIA + CITME is a combination. It is a joint of the “China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA ASIA”. It is a joint initiative of the most important textile machinery industry associations. Such as China, European countries, and Japan. Which protects the interests of textile machinery manufacturers and textile industry customers worldwide. What’s more, it will improve the quality of textile machinery exhibitions.

ITMA 2023 Textile & Garment Technology Exhibition

Exhibition Scale

Exhibition time: November 19 – November 23, 2023
Exhibition Venue: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center
Organizer: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Textile Industry Sub-Council, China Textile Machinery Association, China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation, European Textile Machinery Association
Periodicity: Once every two years
Exhibition area: 103,500 square meters
Exhibitors: 65,000 people
The number of exhibitors and exhibiting brands: up to 1200

Scope of Exhibits

  • Spinning preparation, chemical fiber production, and accessories (including special parts, equipment, etc.)
  • Winding, twisting machinery and its auxiliary machinery, accessories (including unique parts, equipment, etc.)
  • Knitting machinery, auxiliary machinery, accessories (including unique parts, equipment, etc.)
  • Knitting, embroidery machinery, and its accessories (including particular parts, equipment, etc.)
  • Washing, folding machinery, auxiliary machines, and their accessories (including particular parts, equipment, etc.)
  • Sewing industry machinery and accessories (including particular parts, equipment, etc.)
  • Laboratory testing and measuring equipment, accessories (including special parts, equipment, etc.)
  • Conveying, handling, storing, and packaging equipment and accessories (including special parts, equipment, etc.)
  • Recycling equipment, pollution prevention equipment, and accessories (including special parts, equipment, etc.)
  • Software for design, data monitoring, processing, and integration
    Textile and sewing industry-related equipment and products
Services for the textile and sewing industry
  • Services for the textile and sewing industry

Exhibition Highlights

Complete equipment strength to promote high-quality development of the industry

With the goal of industrial development, The textile industry has changed its goals.“Intelligent, efficient, and green“is their development goal now. Develop energy saving and other characteristics of Various types of textile equipment products. It will help the continuous improvement of the competitiveness of the industrial chain. Meanwhile, it further strengthens the priority of China’s textile industry.


Enhance the competitive advantage of enterprises. Spinning machine manufacturers will bring faster, higher output of production equipment. Professional visitors can on-site feel the core technology of “high-speed” breakthrough. This equipment can help to create a “low cost, high quality, ” supply chain.


Enhancing the level of sustainable development.To help downstream customers achieve coordinated development of production and environment. The exhibitors display energy-saving and emission-reducing equipment with characteristics of their respective fields. It reflects the concept of practicing green manufacturing in the textile industry. Many excellent exhibitors showed their energy-saving and consumption-reducing green equipment and solutions. Exhibitors also present the action of establishing a low-carbon recycling industrial system.


Helping to improve the competitiveness of the industry.Automation control, and software system integration related to the textile industry. It integrates with the spinning machine host and textile process. It will bring more industry-system solutions. Moreover, it helps the continuous improvement of industrial competitiveness. Let the audience feel the profound changes brought by intelligent manufacturing.

Multi-channel audience resources, accelerating the smooth internal circulation

Under the new situation, link domestic market demand, and enhance the supply system. This helps spinning machine manufacturers lay out the domestic market. Moreover, it’s useful to hedge against the long-term downturn in external demand. To create a strategic base of domestic demand for the business system.Spinning machine joint exhibition to “online + offline dual-track linkage”.

Offline. We have accumulated huge visitor resources by holding various exhibitions and industry events. Besides, it is in close contact with textile and garment business associations. To ensure the timely delivery of exhibition information. It is necessary to strengthen the contact and docking with overseas buyers.

Online. To assist exhibitors to invite customers to visit the exhibition. The exhibition has upgraded the “Exhibitor Customer Invitation System”.The exhibition has dual ports for the website and WeChat.At the same time, it opened a section of “Joint Exhibition Exciting Activities” on its website. Through WeChat’s public platform, cooperative media, and it is the database. It will publicize and promote various activities held by exhibitors in advance. The huge resources of the exhibition help exhibitors to attract precise traffic. The exhibition site held many release activities theme. Such as weaving, printing, spinning equipment product development, and technology applications. The audience will witness the progress of science and technology.


ITMA ASIA + CITME is the perfect showcase. For leading future textile and fashion trends, as well as technological innovations. In the global textile industry, it gathers the top technologies. ITMA ASIA + CITME dedicates to exploring textile-related applications, cross-border technologies, and designs. It promotes the design and development of quality textiles. What’s more, it enables textile technology to give people a better life. Domestic and foreign enterprises focus on new technological achievements. And these enterprises provide one-stop solutions for the whole industry chain.

As an influential professional exhibition, its industry practice of”technology, fashion, and green”.It builds a new development pattern in the 14th Five-Year Plan. It also enhances the industry’s vitality, competitiveness, and contribution in the double cycle. In summary, it helps the industry achieve a high-quality balance of supply and demand. In the meantime, it writes a chapter on the high-quality development of the industry.

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